confessional.no scale of sin

abstract-non-narrative-text-based-anagram-animation project

happy birthday TOBY

little animation for my brothers 14th birthday, was really fun just to do an animation for the love of it rather than meeting a brief



here is my first year final piece. its a partially animated animatic.the story is about a child who begins a drawing with his grandfather in hospital but before the drawing is finished the grandfather passes away.the boy then spends the rest of his life obsessing and finishing the drawing that he and his grandad started, filling a room in his house with illustrations.until one day he realises he has a grandson of his own and has a responsibility to be a grandad himself.please full screen.


noble ladies of the round table of spamalot.


borough market is an interesting place to draw. lots of colours and activity. shame its not possible to draw smells.these two people were some unsuspecting patrons in the pub nearby


some of the location drawing from this term.really trying to concentrate on caricaturing expressions and body language.click images for full screen